If  you  love  fresh  subtle  fragrances , stylish jewellery and delightful gifts, then  you share our passion,  and visited  the  right  place. 

We use natural oils, fragrances and waxes to form the base of applicable products  and  take pride  in  our  presentation to  ensure everything makes  the  perfect  gift.


How we started

With always having a passion for design,  and crafting  plus  holding various applicable qualifications, our journey first started in designing vintage rose  flip flops that would compliment any wedding reception (by taking pride of place at the side  of the dance floor , a  little  treat  for  your  guests  dancing  feet)   or alternatively being worn in the trendiest of beach bars or holidays.

As  we  developed,  our goal  was  to  continue  offering  either   hand made  or  unique  products  that  would  compete  with  some  of  the  well  known  brands,  but  still  remain exclusive  and  uniquely packaged,  but  at  an  affordable  price.

We  feel  confident  that  you’ll  experience  this  in  all that we sell.

During  the  winter  months  we  love  introducing  a  range  of  quality   accessory   knitwear such  as  scarves  gloves, socks & hats,  but  always ensure  that  we  research  and  use  reputable  suppliers  each  year.

These  items  have so  far   proved  to  be  a  huge  success  especially  over  Christmas  for  gift  buying,  and  happily  our   reviews  reflect  that  our  customers and  the  gift  reciipitant‘s  are  more  than  satisfied.  

Keep  your  eyes  peeled  around  September!

We  continue  to  be  a  small  independent  husband  and  wife  team   from   our  home  based  workshop,  which  ensures  we  remain  hands  on and  very involved  at  all  times.!

if  you  love  our  products  then  please  spread  the  word  and  tell  your  family  and  friends!

Thanks  for  visiting  us.

Tracy  &  Dave  x

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